Ron's VIM Stuff: Ron's VIM Stuff

Ron's excellent VIM version. It has some special features compared with stock VIM. NOTE: this version of VIM is released under the VIM license. All the sources are available directly from this site, you don't need to contact Ron unless you have a question.

Perhaps you want to know, "why would I want to use VIM?". You can also visit the Guide for the Perplexed.

The latest release (7.4.699 from 15Apr2015), packaged up for your convenience. Please note it will not work if your CPU is older than a PentiumII:

Alternatively, you can get a particular version by going to 'timeline', selecting a version, and clicking 'ZIP'. You will have to be logged in (as anonymous or as a valid user) in order to get the ZIP. Alternatively, you can download the one-file

You can also use Fossil directly to grab the sources, and if you are a valid user you can even contribute changes back in.

If you have any problems, please report a bug and I will try to fix it as soon as possible.