Reva: License


Reva is dedicated by the author, Ron Aaron, to the Public Domain. In the event your country does not recognize his ability to so dedicate it, he also grants unconditional, non-revocable permission to anyone who obtains a copy of this software, to use, modify and to redistribute it without limitation.

That means you may:

Nevertheless, Ron would appreciate your giving credit if you find Reva useful in your projects or products, by providing his contact information and credit as the original author. You may also support the development effort by making a financial contribution.

Reva is provided AS IS, with no warranty of any kind. It may or may not work as you would like, and might even damage your computer or data. Still, it pleases Ron to provide it anyway. Since it is produced in his spare time, and since you don't have to pay for it, that seems reasonable.


The included "pcre.dll" is under the BSD license. For further details go to the PCRE home-page. Other included libraries may have their own licenses.