Reva: Command-line

-c directory

Switch (chdir) to the specified directory after Reva has loaded.

-n library

Include a library (i.e., needs). The argument to the -n switch specifies the path to a file in Reva's 'lib' directory or its subdirectories.
Ex: reva -n alg/structs


Include the debugger library (an abbreviated alternative to -n debugger). The debugger library includes the ability to see disassembled code for words (rather than just providing a hex dump), and also provides some advanced debugging options such as setting breakpoints and inspecting register contents.

-e code

Execute some Forth code after Reva has loaded. If the code contains spaces, it must either be quoted or the spaces escaped.


Include ANSI compatibility.


Enable testing mode after Reva has loaded.


Print the Reva version and exit.