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<h1 align='center'>Welcome to Reva!</h1>

This is the bug-tracker and wiki for Reva: a small, cross-platform
[|Forth].  Reva
currently runs on Windows, Mac OS/X and Linux.  It only runs on 32-bit "x86"
family processors, at the moment, although it will run on 64-bit machines if
they have 32-bit application support.

<i>NOTE:</i> A cross-platform development environment inspired by Reva is
[|currently under development] by Ron.  It is close to release...

If you are not logged-on to this site, you can still browse it and download the
Reva sources.  If you are logged on anonymously, you can also clone the source
database (but you cannot push changes up).  If you have a developer logon then
you can make changes directly to the Reva source tree. 

<i>NOTE:</i> this site is hosted via dynamic-IP DSL, and the IP address changes
from time to time.  In addition, the DSL connection is sometimes unavailable.
If you try to access this site and have trouble, that may be the reason ...
just try again in a few minutes.

<b>IMPORTANT NOTE</b>: if you experience problems "pulling" the repository then
please: [repair the fossil repository|review this page].

  *  Download [2011.1|the latest release]
  *  [How to get the sources|Getting the latest sources]
  *  <a href="">Request a developer logon</a> so you can help make Reva better
  *  File a [/tktnew|bug report] (you must be logged on as 'anonymous', at least, in order to file a report).  You can also make suggestions using this mechanism

<h2>Mailing lists:</h2>
  *  The [|discussion email list]

<h2>All about Reva:</h2>
  *  Work through the [Tutorial|tutorial]
  *  Read the [Manual|manual]
  *  Learn more about unique [Reva features]
  *  The [Todo list] (mostly for developers) 

<h2>Related projects:</h2>
  *  The [|Reva GUI].  This is not being actively developed any more, but you may find it interesting
  *  Useful but not directly related: [|Ron's build of VIM]

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